This spectacular kitchen started out life as a one-car garage. When the owners realized the only use it served was as a repository for junk, they called Gary Hecht Woodworker. Gary guided them through the project, tactfully explaining to the owner why it wasn’t a good idea to do the work himself, then conferring with local structural engineers on how to convert an uninsulated 1950s structure into a cozy modern living space, and finally managing the subcontractors and supervising the actual construction.

Energy-efficient and code-compliant, this airy yet intimate space modernized a traditional 1950’s Cape, without changing the footprint or exterior appearance. Modern touches like radiant heat flooring, soapstone countertops, and energy-efficient insulation transformed this typical suburban house into a hidden gem. You’d never know it from the outside, but inside the family enjoys nearly doubled living space. Dad loves the energy savings, while the rest of the family revels in the warm, welcoming space. 

Gary Hecht Woodworker professionally handled all the details, ensuring construction went smoothly and quickly. The mix of old-time quality and appearance and modern life-style amenities is a trademark of Gary’s work. 

This historic Victorian house was built when servants huddled in cramped quarters, working in dismal conditions, visible only when the lady of the house deigned to enter to give instructions to the staff. Lifestyles have changed a bit over the ensuing hundred-plus years. When the current owners realized that their extant kitchen really wasn’t serving their needs they turned to Gary Hecht Woodworker. Gary Hecht managed the various and sundry crews required to construct a modern, highly functional kitchen from the foundation up and mated the new structure to the historic in seamless fashion. From outside or in, once a year had passed and the plantings matured there is no indication that this house wasn’t born with this fabulous semi-professional kitchen in place. 

Further, in trademark style, Gary Hecht Woodworker melded custom woodwork with high-end commercial appliances to achieve an organic whole. The editors of This Old House Magazine featured this kitchen project, noted the blending of high quality construction and such touches as the pot rack fabricated from scrap materials. The very particular homeowners were so inspired by their new kitchen that they hosted an opening party where invited professional chefs broke in the new construction with a hard core “road test”. The complicated new machine passed with flying colors as guests, chefs, and tradesmen mingled and admired both the construction and the repast it enabled. In the ensuing years, the family has grown and the new space has brought the old house up to date and readied it for another century of service.