Custom Railing Restoration
Custom Victorian Railing Restoration

That beautiful, historic Nyack home above had lost its second floor porch railing sometime in the past hundred years–perhaps the same time as the dramatic cupola was changed into something a little less gothic. Gary Hecht Woodworker used that faded hundred-year-old photograph seen above to design, spec, and construct a historically correct railing to make the front porch roof safe, just in time for the arrival of the residents’ new baby.

Gary Hecht’s long-time community ties and well-known craftsmanship can make sure any restoration project maintains the look and feel of the original construction, while being solid and up to current building codes. This tricky balancing act is a specialty of Gary Hecht Woodworker. Whether he is working from existing (often damaged and decayed) woodwork or historic photographs, Gary can design and fabricate classic, elegant pieces to enhance and restore buildings from any period. Gary Hecht Woodworker can shepherd any project through the entire process, from design to implementation. In the case of the new railing pictured above, that included making working drawings from historic photographs, fabricating sample pieces, guiding the plans and project, then hiring and managing the various contractors best for the job (which included roofers, metal workers, and framing carpenters). Of course, Gary handled the actual woodwork himself, but sometimes such simple appearing projects are anything but, and Gary’s long experience allows him to give each project the attention it needs, while relying on longtime subcontractors to professionally implement the homeowner’s wishes.